New Year rising....!

New Year rising....!

Posted by Davey on Jan 11th 2018

Hi everyone!

Happy New to all. We're chucking 2017 aside and moving full throttle into 2018. RHP will be involved with some killer events off the horizon. For right now though, we're very happy to mention that August Lipp will be at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon on February 7th. It's the official Roopert release party! The festivities kick off at 6 p.m. and will feature a "dramatic" reading by the author himself. This is an event that cannot be missed and if you're NW-based, you best find a way to this here hootenanny. 

It's gonna be a scorcher of a year! (hopefully, not literally) And keep your ear to ground for our next RHP release. Just a little teaser....hope ya like onions.