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Roopert and his friends are excited to return to school after an eventful summer but find soon themselves at the mercy of their irresponsible teachers. Or is it the other way around? Taking cues from the classic funny animal children's comics of John Stanley as well as contemporary art comics, it's the anarchy of children vs. the absent-minded sadism of adults in a very silly struggle for agency.

"Roopert explodes with ideas in every panel---as concepts, characters and feelings cross pollinate & build into a frenzy... this is a book in touch with the present and future of what comics can be, but who cares about all that? It's the fun/sad/all-over-gestalt feeling the book gives you that matters. Grab this comic!" -Austin English, Domino Books

"Behind all this lies a profound subtext that mocks adults showing them always inattentive towards children, stigmatizes racism and authoritarianism and raises a joyful hymn of freedom and diversity." -Gabriel DiFazio, Just Indie Comics

"Roopert is so clever it hurts." -Ryan Carey, Four Color Apocalypse


August Lipp lives and works in Portland, OR.