Sky In Stereo

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 An introspective teenager rebels against her fractured home life in this story of drugs, young love and losing it. Iris is turning eighteen and has turned her back on her religious, fractured home life. After her first sexual awakening sours, Iris searches for meaning and solace in drugs, music and literature and starts losing her grip on reality in this sharply observed graphic novel.

180 pages, B&W 



Praise for Sky in Stereo:


"One of the Outstanding Comics of 2015." — Village Voice

"It looks, with eyes wide open, at the teenagers who are awkwardly – and sometimes, due to the increasing availability of heroin, dangerously – coming of age in Manchester’s thumping music scene." — Katie Haegele, The Believer

"It’s a coming-of-age tale if there ever was one." — Frank Santoro, The Comics Journal

"It feels personal, and intimate in a way that belies its status as fiction." — Tim O'Neil, Onion AV Club

"Mardou’s black-and-white line drawings are expressive, focusing primarily on the interactions between characters but also capturing moments of solitude in a spare but effective way." — Eva Volin, Booklist

"If the biggest problem with a book is the fact that I didn’t like that it ended, I’d call that a success." — Kevin Bramer, Optical Sloth

"Mardou pens a compelling story . . ." — Lady Collective